Holding Sacred Space

Holding Sacred Space, Visionary Healing Artist, Intentional Creativity Coach, Spiritual Leader, Quantum Creative Mystic, and Heart & Soul Intuitive

Holding Sacred Space

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The name of our intuitive art and healing adventure is Holding Sacred Space (to us this means co-creating with the Divine Creator of the Universe, using Intentional Creativity, energetic flow and creative inquiry, but staying neutral (letting go of attachment to the outcome).  We create with the inner artist/healer, holding the intention to create, facilitate healings and teach, knowing that the intention will be lovingly held for all.

 Intentional Creativity, and Intuitive Healing will be customized especially for you. 


Mission Statement

To awaken the Spark of the Divine within, while facilitating healing using

Intentional Creativity, Energetic Modalities and Creative Inquiry

For group or private lessons, please call Paige or Aaron Daniel at

(208) 853-1642 or email at holdingspaceart@gmail.com or intentionalcreativity@msn.com