Holding Sacred Space

Holding Sacred Space, Visionary Healing Artist, Intentional Creativity Coach, Spiritual Leader, Quantum Creative Mystic, and Heart & Soul Intuitive

About Paige

Paige Daniel  DSC01489

Intentional Creativity, co-creating with a purpose, creating with joy in my heart, a devotional act of love and healing.  I create in many mediums…when painting I use acrylics layered over a written intention on canvas or Birch wood.  When I create with polymer clay or metal clay, I love the feel in my hands…forming and shaping the clay to grow and evolve into beautiful amulets, paintings, sculptures and jewelry using my intuition and the intention of love and healing.

My Art is a journey, each piece a new adventure.  I create with a purpose…calling on the Divine Designer and the creative forces within through mindfulness, meditation, imagination and visualization, asking questions and writing, to let me know the purpose of each creative idea and find the energy it would like to hold.  Then I let go and allow the creation, no matter the medium, to form with grace, ease and flow.  Each art piece is intended to hold  a special meaning, love, energy and appreciation!

I use art to allow the space needed for my body, mind and spirit to heal and my intention when taking others on the art  journey is that sacred space is held for them to heal and transform.

I began facilitating healing through therapeutic massage.  After a few years into massage I began studying other complementary disciplines;  Energetic Modalities including: Aromatherapy, Reiki, Polarity, Rubenfeld Synergy Method, Therapeutic Touch, Color Therapy, Reflexology, Acupressure, Applied Kinesiology, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Therapy and Subtle Body Clearing.

 I loved studying at the Heartwood institute in Northern California. I studied many forms of massage and healing techniques. I am a certified MT.

 I  trained with Patricia Anderson (PhD. Counselor – Spiritual Teacher) and received my Certification in Spiritual Leadership.

  I received my Intentional Creativity Coach Certification form Shiloh Sophia McCloud

After having suffered, successfully fought and overcome almost ten years of debilitating mis-diagnosed Lymes Disease…  I now  want to apply the next years combining Intentional Creativity and Intuitive Painting with the Healing arts… to create a safe and sacred place to play and a way for self and others to uncover the many layers of who we are, and who we are choosing to become.  I am  a compassionate, direct teacher, open to helping others find their own healing energy and joy… looking at it as an integration of the healing arts… healing body, mind, spirit and emotions to help facilitate a sense and knowledge of peace, love and beauty.  The key words that best describe me are joyful,  compassionate,  grateful,  direct, seeker of truth and wisdom,  passionate,  spiritual,  creative,  playful and in love with life.

I am  a woman, mother, wife, lover of beauty, healing facilitator and creative artist… and I am sincere and dedicated in each.  I am currently teaching classes in bronze metal clay, PMC (Certified PMC Precious Metal Clay Instructor), Intentional Creativity and Intuitive Painting.  My  mission statement… To awaken the Spark of the Divine Creator within, while facilitating healing using Intentional Creativity, Energetic Modalities and Creative Inquiry.  I believe in miracles, true love and the power of prayer.  I believe having passion in relationships, as well as art.  I love a good discussion on anything!  I love learning and sharing what I learn with enthusiasm.  I love laughter, color, touch, and getting lost in my art with both hands and heart.  I approach life with both feet in!

Vision Quest…Awakening Sacred Play

I see myself coaching  my beloveds in  sacred places.  Creating and holding space for each of my beloveds to come fully into their own potential.  Empowering and encouraging each individual’s freedom of expression.

I visualize myself expressing the Divine in each moment, in thought, emotion, word and action.  Having the ability to move the energy of the Divine through my temple, my earthly body with graceful ease and flow.  Allowing myself to reflect the Divine, living in spiritual truth…  Giving and receiving unconditional love and wisdom.  With respect for self, others and the earth.

I imagine myself creating and holding space for the balancing of the female and male energies within.  Guiding and leading with love and humor.  Communicating with my voice in authenticity, truth, awareness, humility and Divine integrity.  Using my intuition, coming from my heart and creating on purpose.

I clearly see in my minds eye I am using ritual to connect my beloveds to self, each other and their own Source.  Using all the tools I already have and all the help from those who love me unconditionally.  Guiding self and others with meditation, visualization, imagination, body movement and play as part of the creative process. All while holding space in a safe atmosphere.

I dream of looking at life through the eyes of wonder, remembering that all I have to do is be my authentic self.  Letting my light shine.

I foresee myself with clarity keeping healthy boundaries as I create and hold space for awakening sacred play, a nurturing creative space for expansion, play, ritual, sacred  connection and learning. Opening the way for synchronicity to be present .  A place of abundance, prosperity and serenity, where miracles happen effortlessly. Also remembering to let the critic and the muse work together in harmony and balance.  Helping me with discernment and perspective.

I dream of creating and holding sacred space where meaningful conversation happens and new thoughts with new possibilities come forth with ease, flow and kindness.  Allowing myself to sit in the truth of the dichotomy of this dimension, while holding onto my knowingness.

I visualize myself holding space for miracles and spiritual awakenings to happen with enthusiasm and joy.  All within the space of gratitude in my heart with sparkles, clarity,  grace, generosity, harmony, enchantment, confidence, passion, healing, authenticity and beauty.

Manifesting it all with Divine Giddiness, Love and Prayer.

Amen AHO So Be It

Thank you Thank you Thank you


Paige Daniel

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