Awakning Sacred Play

Visionary Artist, Intentional Creativity Coach and Intuitive Painting

Awakening Sacred Play

Visionary Artist     Intentional Creativity Coach     Intuitive

The name of our Art and Jewelry adventure is Holding Sacred Space and Awakening Sacred Play…(to us this means co-creating with the Divine using Intentional Creativity, energetic flow and creative inquiry, but staying neutral (letting go of attachment to the outcome).  We create with the inner artist, holding the intention to create and teach, knowing that the intention will be lovingly held for all.

Playshops in Intentional Creativity, Metal Clay and Intuitive Painting can be customized especially for you.  Regardless of the medium, the underlying theme of every class is Creating with Intention a uniquely inspired piece of art.


Mission Statement

To awaken the Spark of the Divine within, while facilitating healing using

Intentional Creativity, Energetic Modalities and Creative Inquiry

For group or private lessons and pricing please call Paige or Aaron Daniel at

(208) 853-1642 or email at

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