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Healing Review

I’ve tried for weeks to find the words to express the most amazing healing experience I had with Paige and I’m still finding myself quite speechless so I think I’m going to start with what I felt. Paige and Aaron have created an environment that you can’t help but let your guard down the moment you step foot on to her and her husbands land. Her healing center is like a cocoon that you can let down your troubles & be open to deep and lasting healing. The land, the house, every single detail has been tended to and well cared for so that you know you are in a space of healing and inspiration. Paige herself is the most warm, generous, compassionate person and the brightest of all of the light bringers I’ve encountered in my life. I have worked with lots of healers over the years from both western and eastern philosophies and no one has ever healed me in the way that Paige has. During our session together and afterwards I felt peace, calm, centered, excited instead of anxious, pain-free, hopeful, accepted, understood, unraveled in all the best ways and full of clarity moving forward. Paige helped to heal some deeply held emotional pains that I had just come to accept as my “norm” I couldn’t see any other way and she helped me to see a wide-open expanse of many different opportunities and way of moving forward. I am still processing all that came out of our session and I know I will be continuing to grow and move forward for a long time. My perspective has shifted in a way I didn’t expect and that’s the greatest gift I could have received from my time with Paige. She is a wonderful healer and I am forever changed by my experience with her. I haven’t always been seen or heard for all that I am and from the moment I met Paige I knew that she saw all of who I am. I know that I have a lot of hard work to do but I am no longer hopeless about it, I’m strengthened and I’m resolved to move forward in a new and more centered way. My time with Paige was absolutely sacred and I will forever be grateful and so humbled by the experience I shared with her. If you ever have the divine opportunity to work with Paige I can promise you that you will be truly seen for all that you are and you will leave healed in ways you never thought possible.

Megan Fortin

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