Awakning Sacred Play

Visionary Artist, Intentional Creativity Coach and Intuitive Painting

Awakening Sacred Play…Playshops



Save the date! Monday February 3th,  2:30 until 5:00pm .  Come share a cup of tea as you create a fun and colorful 9 x 12 art project with  collage, stencils, acrylics, stamps, watercolors and more!  Call (208) 853-1642 for reservations

Create an intentional piece of multi-media art, just for the fun of it!

No experience necessary!

A donation of $20.00 covers all materials and studio time

Introduction to Silver Metal Clay

PMC Class

Call for class info 208-853-1642

Transformational Creative Session




On March 12th  join Paige Daniel for a Transformational Creative Session.  We will be creating a deck of transformation cards.  It is a 3 hour playshop from 2pm until  5pm.  Call 208-853-1642 to reserve your spot for an afternoon of creative inquiry on watercolor paper using acrylic paint, watercolors, glitter and imagination! For ages 9 and up!

A donation of $20.00 holds your space.

$37.00 covers materials.   $60.00 for both parent and child  No painting experience necessary!

The heart of this process has to do with the transformation of an existing belief that is limiting, to a new belief that is liberating!

Awakening your inner artist with sacred play


Open to the possibilities…

 Albert Einstein once said that Imagination was more important than knowledge…what will you imagine?

This is an introductory class into creating with intention….An intention to get in touch with your inner artist or muse, so you can begin to create the life that you have imagined.  Allowing yourself the opportunity to shift your perspective about the inner critic,  the voice that compares you with everyone else and sits in judgement of what you and others do and it can keep you from  healing,  from shining your light.  I believe we are all unique and have a gift to express to the world that only we can express.  If we don’t express our originality it will never exits again in all of time.  

Let me know when you would like to take this course and we can work out the details!

$187.00  to $287.00 depending on size of canvas…covers materials needed to create a magical painting…one of a kind original art piece by YOU!


‘Healing of the human body might be called a growth in consciousness. True healing is always an adventure in consciousness leading to new understandings.” ~Edgar Cayce

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