The class was well organized and Paige explained the whole process very well.  I was amazed at how I created such a beautiful painting!  Her instructions were so clear!

Paige was well prepared. She had all her supplies, and things ready to go as we did our Red Thread ceremony and, the painting workshop. Paige added special touches to our time together by, giving us our own,” Special Paint Brushes ” made by her, burning sage, prepared food, meditations, and I felt so comfortable with Paige as she instructed us through the whole process. Paige did our workshop in California and I was so impressed on how she had all her supplies ready and had everything we needed to create our Inner Muse!  She had to bring all these supplies with her from Boise!

Paige made our time together so nice. She is an amazing teacher who has so much passion for what she is doing.  I felt very comfortable asking questions at any time. Paige has a very soft heart and shared some of her own personal experiences with us. This made me very comfortable in sharing my stories.

I would recommend this class to others!  What a great experience!  I had never painted nor had any desire to paint. Wow!  I am now a painter and will do more:)

This class opened my heart, soul, and mind to create what ever I want and to love it.  I learned that when I have a quiet mind, I can really be in touch with my creative mind.  So, I named my painting, ” Quiet Mind”.

Backyard Painting

Backyard Painting

Every time I look at her, she is a reminder that I need a quiet mind to dig deep and be creative.  I also learned about my Critic and how important a critic is and how to talk to my critic when she comes without being asked!

Doing more painting with Paige, would be an honor!


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